Keep It Real Program

A transformative online course to help you stop emotional and binge eating and stop struggling with your weight.

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Imagine if you...

Stopped emotional and binge eating forever.
Exercised because you wanted to.
Never had to do another diet or worry about your weight again.

The good news is you can.

You can learn to stop emotional and binge eating with the Keep It Real Online Program.

Keep it Real is a online course to help you stop emotional and binge eating.

Does any of this sound familiar...?

You're always trying to lose weight. You have been trying to get to your 'ideal' weight - but nothing works long term.

You feel that your weight is holding you back. You constantly worry about how others will judge you based on your body.

You know what to do but you just aren't doing it. Lack of time, poor motivation and a busy social life always seem to get in the way.

You've become an emotional eater and feel anxious. If you miss a workout or eat emotionally, you feel really guilty.

Healthy eating has become so confusing and complicated. You are not sure what you can eat. You are tired of trying to keep up.

If you can relate, then I want to help you stop emotional and binge eating.
Following another meal plan or doing a detox won't get you long lasting results.

To get healthy (and stay healthy) in the real world, you need to learn how to Keep It Real.


Keep It Real is an online program to help you stop emotional and binge eating and worrying about your weight.

Delivered via 40 engaging videos, downloads and easy-to-follow steps, you'll quickly learn how to stop emotional and binge eating with this online program.

You'll gain instant access to the exact strategies that helped me and thousands of others eliminate emotional and stress eating forever.

Keep It Real Online Program will keep you motivated and accountable to stop emotional eating- without photos of girls in bikinis or unrealistic goals.

You'll be supported the whole way to stop emotional and binge eating. With the Private Facebook community you get support to stop emotional or binge eating for good.

Download delicious, real food recipes to boost your mood and help you stop emotional binge eating. No complicated ingredients or trips to the health food shop required.

What others are saying?

Find out what students of the Keep It Real Online Program to end emotional and binge eating are saying...

"Already loving this course, totally different to anything I have ever done. It's such a supportive community, how refreshing to not feel alone."

- Kate, 34

"It's only been one week and i feel my relationship with food is improving already. I find myself wondering why its taken so long for something so wonderful to come into my life."

- Bec, 26

"Love being a part of the KIR community! Don't hesitate if you are considering joining won't regret it!"

- Claire, 47

What's included?

Find out what's in the Keep It Real Online Program to Stop Emotional and Binge Eating.

Hi! I'm Lyndi Cohen

I'm a dietitian, nutritionist, ambassador for Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution, creator of the Keep It Real Program to stop emotional and binge eating and regular on Australia's TODAY show on Channel 9.

I used to be an emotional and binge eater. After years of struggling with my weight, I know what works - and what doesn't. My approach is simple. I like to keep it real. NO diets. NO weird superfoods. NO photoshop. NO B.S.

I've helped hundreds of people (just like you) break free from emotional eating. I created Keep It Real Online Program to help others stop emotional eating and to give you an easy-to-follow guide with the most effective strategies.

Want to know more about me? Visit

Course Curriculum

Here is an overview of what you'll learn when you do the Keep It Real Online Program to stop emotional and binge eating:

What others are saying?

Find out what students of the Keep It Real Online Program to end emotional and binge eating are saying...

"It's refreshing to actually live life without it revolving around food so much. I still try to make good choices just not constantly think about it. Achieving so much more in my day not having to put as much thought into it all!"
- Kate, 32

"I've struggled for so many years and I can't believe the changes in my relationship to food already. This week has been a real eye opener for me."

- Barbara, 61

"The program is amazing!! In the last week I have followed Lyndi's suggestions and feel so much better. I'm already obsessing less and a weight has lifted off my shoulders! I really love her take on things".

- Casey, 29

Frequently Asked Questions

When does Keep It Real Program start and finish?
The Keep It Real Program is a completely self-paced online course to help you end emotional eating. Once you sign up, you'll get emails every week for the period of the program to help keep you accountable. With loads of engaging video content and distilled information, I've made it super easy to complete.
What if I fall behind?
You can't fall behind! I get that life is busy and unpredictable. That is why I created Keep It Real in the first place. I want you to succeed. You can easily pause the emails if you're traveling, get sick or too busy. Because you have lifetime access, you can always restart or pick up again when you're ready.
I'm really busy. How much time do I need to do the Program?
I know you're busy and keen to see results so I've distilled all the info so you only need to set aside 1 hour per week. You'll also receive reminder emails from me keeping you motivated and on track. As you have lifetime access, you can take the program at your own pace.
How long do I have access to the Program?
How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.
Where and how do I access the Program?
You can do Keep It Real program from anywhere in the world including your couch, bed or kitchen counter. The entire program is 100% digital so you can access it anywhere you want - on your own schedule. You can view Keep It Real with wifi access or download to use offline as well.
What makes Keep It Real different from other programs?
Keep It Real is designed for real people who live in the real world which means no trips to the 'health food' store to buy overpriced (weird) foods. No unrealistic suggestions that are way too hard to implement in the real world. And definitely NO before and after pictures or girls in bikinis. What a relief!
Will I be supported? How much access do I get to you?
When you sign up, you'll get access to the private Facebook group, live videos, and Q&A sessions with me. YOU WILL BE SUPPORTED. Your success matters to me so I'll be right along with you as you learn how to Keep It Real.
What if I don't have Facebook? Will I still be supported?
You won't be disadvantaged. While the Facebook community is an incredibly supportive community and resource, a lot of discussions happen beneath each tutorial on the Keep It Real Program. You can ask questions, have conversations and get the personalised support you need without having access to Facebook. You will be supported.
Is the program suitable if I am vegetarian, vegan, paleo, coeliac etc?
Yes. Keep It Real isn't a diet or a meal plan. It's a step-by-step guide teaching you a whole new way of thinking about food. There are delicious recipes in the Program - many of which will suit your needs. On the recipes, substitutions have also been made to help make it easy for you. You can easily sort through recipes to find the ones most suited to you.
I've tried so many things before. Are you sure this isn't just another diet program?
This is NOT a diet. Keep It Real is the exact opposite of a diet. Have you ever tried that before? Keep It Real is a radically new way of thinking about food and eating. It changed my life - and I feel confident it'll change yours too.
Can I pay with PayPal?
Yes. Once you go to the URL copied below, you'll be prompted to pay for the program in PayPal. Shortly after, you'll get an email welcoming you to the Program. To pay using PayPal, simply copy this link into your browser:

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